Yngwie Hero B. Ecleo is the 5th mayor of San Jose since the inception of this municipality last November  15, 1989. When he took his office in the noon of  June 30, 2019,  he immediately made a series of operations to go against violators of both municipal ordinances and national laws.  The mayor believes that for this place to become economically progressive, peace and order, public safety and other social cancer must be suppressed and implementation of both local and national laws is the key to achieve this goal.

His operation started with the implementation of the Municipal Ordinance No.  192, s. of 2018, “ An ordinance prohibiting the use or operation of motor vehicles with noisy modified mufflers” and said operation resulted to the confiscation of modified/noisy mufflers and same were turned over to the Municipal Traffic Enforcement office.

Implementation of the two-meter road right of way which is both a local and national policy was also given emphasis by the Local Chief Executive in his first 100 days to office in which inspection was conducted by his team and directed establishment operators to remove all the merchandise and goods that cause obstructions to the roads and alleys.

Ordinance No.  104, s. of 2018 of the Provincial Government of Dinagat Islands and adopted by the Municipal Government by virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 195, s. of 2018 “ An ordinance prohibiting the drinking of alcoholic beverages in the public sidewalks, plazas, parks and playgrounds among others in the province of Dinagat Islands and for other purposes”  was also strongly implemented by the Local Chief Executive  and during his operation, warnings were made to  violators .

Protection of the municipal waters is also one of the concerns of the Local Chief Executive, thus implementation of Municipal Ordinance No.  153, s. of 2012, otherwise known as the “Municipal fishery Code of San Jose Municipality was also acted by his office that resulted to the issuance of an order  to concerned office directing the  apprehension  of illegal fishing operation and confiscation of illegal fishing boats operating within the municipal waters.  

However, Last September 02, 2019, around 4:30 in the afternoon, outside the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) premise while the Municipal Mayor is observing the operation of the “pilahan” of vehicles at the PPA area, Police Captain Dominick  Pareno,  Chief of Police of San Jose Municipal Police Station  while he is on official visit at the sub-station together with some of the PNP personnel  noticed that Mayor Yngwie Hero B. Ecleo smoking, he approached and arrested him for violation of  Municipal Ordinance No. 188, s. of 2018, “ An ordinance prohibiting the use, distribution and advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products in certain places, imposing penalties for violation thereof and for other purposes”. He was then brought by the apprehending officers at the sub-station for the usual investigation proceedings and was later mandated to pay the fine of P1, 000.00 for committing the said violation under first offense and immediately the mayor paid the mandated fine.

In his interview with the police investigator, Mayor Yngwie Hero B. Ecleo stressed out that the police personnel are just performing their jobs and as a matter of fact he extended his appreciation to what the police forces are doing since the implementation of laws was fairly applied and without qualms of hesitation.  He added that in his administration, fair implementation of laws will be expected by the people.